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At SOAP BOX + RECTANGULAR SOAP DISH we find a soap dish in cement, combined with a 90g rectangular soap unit. (For more detailed information on each soap, see here .)


All soaps produced by Zorra have a common base recipe, composed of noble vegetable oils with highly moisturizing and disinfectant properties. In its variants, in addition to clays and aromas, we can find strawberry tree honey, with all its recognized benefits, or dehydrated strawberry tree particles that act as a natural exfoliator for the skin, helping its cell renewal.



(The user should keep in mind that these products are made by hand, so there may be slight variations in relation to the images and information presented, with regard to shape, color and weight.)

Soap Box + Rectangular Soap Dish

  • ATENÇÃO: Limitados ao stock existente do Sabão Barra 90g. Verificar aqui.
    Gratos pela sua compreensão.

    Dimensões (cm):


    - Caixa kraft: 13 x 5 x 8 

    - Saboneteira: 13 x 8 

    - Sabão: 8.5 x 6 

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