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1. You will only be able to see the respective prices after selecting the 3 products that make up your basket.

2. Before finalizing your purchase, please add, in the space "Add a note", which references of spirits and / or soap you want, if you have selected them.

3. When any of the products referred to here is not available to select, it means that it may be out of stock.


Zorra is pleased to present the Cx. M (modular box).

The best way to make your gift basket. Compact and Exquisite.

It allows, through its system of modules, to make several combinations of three references among the following products:


- Spirits 100ml: Pure; Pure Honey; Pure Lemon.


- Honey 135g


- Compote 135g


- Bar Soap 90 g: Lemon-Grass; Mediterranean; Sea salt; Lavender; Eucalyptus; Neroli Light + Patchouli.


Cx. M

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